Into the Land of Uruguay

Into the Land of Uruguay

 Let me take you to Rio, Rio 
Fly'o the ocean like an eagle




No, but seriously lets travel to the coast of Brazil, the land of Uruguay, about a days trip from Brazil coming from Rio de Janiero. Although, Uruguay might be small in size, its beautiful country makes it up with their diversity. Each wine country has different soils that the varietals shine best, like Napa Valley. The famous US region, has 45 different soils that makes Napa Valley, Napa Valley. However, Uruguay has 99 classified soils that ranges from rocky coastal hills to humid pampa. 

* Humid Pampa- is an extensive ecoregion of flat, fertile grassland of loessic soil, which originates in Argentina. *

Here are a couple of wine regions in Uruguay that have really put the country on the map for outstanding wine production. 

  1. Canelones + Montevideo 
  2. Maldonado 
  3. Lavalleja 
  4. Atlantida 
  5. Rocha
  6. Colonia 
  7. Rivera 

In this blog today, we are going to focus on, "Maldonado." Maldonado is one of Uruguay's newest wine region that sits on the coastal southeastern part of the country. This region has a stable wine production that is a promise of Uruguay's bright wine future. 

In Maldonado, the soils are very poor which allows for better drainage of wet rain to absorb into the vines. Allowing the mixture of granite, rocky, and sandy soils to shine bright. Since this wine region sits on the coast, expect a taste and enjoy with fresh high acidity wines. So varietals such as, Albariño shines bright on this terrior. 

You can experience Maldonado's wine terrior, by sipping and enjoying, Bodega Garzón's Albariño. 

Bodega Garzón Albariño, is a pale yellow color with greenish reflections and fruity aromas reminding of stone fruit, like peach. It's balanced with fresh citrus notes, too. Its ripening time takes place between 3 to 6 months on fine lees in stainless-steel tanks, so very very young and fresh! 

Pair this Albariño with food dishes like Fresh tuna salad, Crispy pork belly, Cod with cockles, Spring rolls, Citrus prawn salad, Scallops wrapped in bacon, Pesto sauce dishes, Baked feta pasta, or Chinese lemon duck.


Let us know in the comments, what you paired the Albariño with! Available now to purchase in-store and online. 

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