Seven Terms Used To Describe Tannins (Visuals)

Seven Terms Used To Describe Tannins (Visuals)

What are Tannins? 

Tannins are a sensation you experience in your mouth that drys out your palate. They can also change over time, based on how long the wine ages and or doesn't. Did you know that there are levels to the world of tannins? The more hotter a wine climate is, the more riper and condense the texture of the tannin will be on your palate. However, the wine climates that are more inconsistent with its weather, like a red wine harvested in Italy, you'll experience tannins, however on a lighter scale. Whereas in California, where the Sun reigns, you'll experience riper, yet heavier tannins. 

So when tasting and or enjoying a glass of wine with family and friends at the kitchen table for breakfast, lunch, and or dinner, or experiencing the love of food and wine at a restaurant, here are seven terms to remember when describing different types of tannins in your red wines you drink! Cheers! 

Plush: Soft and Elegant 

Grippy: Immediately Noticeable/ On your palate and sense of smell

Harsh: Overly Tannic and Rough 

Silky: Smooth and Luscious 

Velvety: Soft and Delicate 

Integrated: Interwoven with a balance of tannin, acidity and oak

Resolved: Very Mature and smooth 


Let us know in the comments, which term resonates with you the most when tasting and enjoying red wine. Cheers! 

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