Summer into Fall

Summer into Fall



Summer is over. Time to officially remember what day of the week it is. 

But it’s not fall, yet. In fact, there’s nearly a month left. Plenty of time to enjoy one of the most fruitful phases of the year. Happy Harvest! Evenings are still warm. Days are still long. Pools are still open. Boats are still in. Wine is and will always be abundant in being delicious and in health.

If you got the summer blues, don't fret, here are four ways wine can ease this transition and help you feel satisfied with your summer prance before autumn hits.

 Chill The Reds

No matter where you are, it's always the right time to chill down those hearty, juicy, and jammy reds. Throw some red meat on the grill, pack those veggies on that pizza, and treasure the fact that it's not freezing cold outside. 

Stock up on Red wine here.

Eat Your Veggies

If you're a fan of veggies like us, don't forget there's always something you can pair your wine with, like vegetables. Whether you're roasting or adding veggies to pizza night, here are wines you can enjoy from heaven.

Fall in Love with France

If there's culture known for embracing the love in the atmosphere and tossing in the most tasty wine and food for good measure- it is the good people of France. 

Celebrate Summer with a Case of Wine 

Here's an idea. Look over the most memorable wines you drank this summer. That beautiful and lovable rosé made with a whole lotta love that went with every meal on vacation. That Champagne or sparkling wine that you toasted to your new promotion or new business launch. The moscato that you'd never thought you'd love, but vowed to love forever, or even that Sauvignon Blanc, so affordable you decided it would be your new go-to house wine. 

Buy some of each to make a dedicated case, stock them away for a snowy day-and summer 2021 can be revitalized by popping a cork. In fact, science supports this idea. The sense of smell(ie.sticking your nose in the glass and breathing deeply) is proven to trigger happy memories. So cheers to making new and more happy memories!

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