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  • 2018 Puro Rofe Lanzarote Vino Blanco - Palatini's
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2018 Puro Rofe Lanzarote Vino Blanco

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The appellation, "Lanzarote" is the easternmost of the Canary Islands, situated just
100km from the continent of Africa. 

The raw materials of Lanzarote- All the vines are around 100 years old (if not older) and are rooted in the deep, black, volcanic sands that are a hallmark of the island of Lanzarote.

Varietals used in this wine: Malvasía, Diego, Listán Blanco

"Malvasia" provides the aromatics and depth of mineral flavors while the "Diego" provides the freshness and acidity.

On Your Palate: Lively & Fresh

On Your Nose: Burnt Apple, Minerality, citrus notes, Roasted pineapple, almonds and pistachio nuts.


Food Pairing:  Roast White Meats, Fresh Seafood, Fried Food